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Candiria - Blood

Esto esta bien vacío en la Oficina! #bored (at AEE Oficina Puerto Nuevo)

Good Morning! It’s motherfucking Tuesday! #goodmorning #tuesday #sunrise

Today’s workout playlist:
•Bleeding Through- Goodbye To Death
•Greenleaf- Treehorn
•Alexisonfire- The Northern
•I The Breather- Forgiven
•Machine Head- Be Still and Know
•The Devil Wears Prada- Escape
•Stone Sour- ‘82
•Cypress Hill- Trouble Seeker
•Mastodon- Blasteroid
•Royal Blood- Better Strangers
•Royal Blood- Figure It Out
•The Sword- Freya
•Stone Sour- Through Glass
•King Diamond- Welcome Home
•Pearl Jam- Black
•Underoath- A Divine Eradication
•Pearl Jam- Daughter
•Cradle Of Filth- Saffron’s Curse
•Betraying The Martyrs- Because Of You
What’s in your playlist? #gym #fitness #music #playlist

Monday schmonday! #fuckmonday

Lunch! Albacore with some Habanero vinaigrette and streamed broccoli #foodporn #cleaneating

The bears are gonna murder you! #bear #slashers #killer #halloween

Today’s full body workout playlist:
•Amy Winehouse- Back To Black
•Limp Bizkit- Behind Blue Eyes
•Mastodon- Seabeast
•Uneven Structure- Awaken
•Faith No More- From Out Of Nowhere
•Deftones- My Own Summer(Shove It)
•Synthetic Breed- Neuro Connectivity
•Peeping Tom- Five Seconds
•Stone Temple Pilots- Interstate Love Song
•Meshuggah- Combustion
•Stone Sour- A Rumor Of Skin
•Scar Symmetry- Extinction Mantra
•Every Time I Die- Decayin’ With The Boys
•Architects- Day In Day Out
•Darkest Hour- By The Starlight
•After The Burial- A Wolf Amongst Ravens
•Stone Sour- Hesitate
What’s In Your Playlist? #fitness #gym #music #playlist

Bit by bit. Getting more defined. Patience and work. #fitness #gym #lift (at Millenia Park Gym)

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